5 Things to Know About the Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Antique Cigar Labels, Bands and Boxes

5 Things to Know About the Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Antique Cigar Labels, Bands and Boxes

There is something about antique cigar labels, bands, and boxes that simply exudes elegance and sophistication. From the intricate designs to the use of stunning gold embossing, these items were once used as a tool by manufacturers to attract buyers and promote their products. Today, they are revered as pieces of art in their own right and have become highly prized by collectors worldwide.

1) Amazing Gold Embossed Labels

Many companies during the early 1900s used real gold flakes in the embossing process of their cigar labels. This added a touch of luxury and class that would help entice potential buyers to pick up their product. The resulting labels were truly stunning, with the gold shimmering and catching the light beautifully.

2) The Art of Antique Advertising

Cigar labels are a testament to what antique advertising is all about. Back then, manufacturers used sublime graphics and intricate lithography and embossing techniques to elevate their products above others on the market. Today, modern printing cannot quite replicate the artisanal quality of these antique cigar labels.

3) A Lost Art

Sadly, the art of cigar label creation was mostly lost after the 1920s. However, these exquisite labels, bands, and boxes serve as a timeless reminder of a bygone era when luxury products were promoted with an incredible attention to detail.

4) Preserving History

Many museums and art institutes have dedicated entire galleries to antique cigar labels. These items have become highly sought-after by collectors, who are determined to keep the history of these unique pieces alive. Once the limited supply of these items for sale is gone and on display, they will become increasingly difficult to acquire.

5) Keeping the Artists Alive

The majority of artists who worked on antique cigar labels were desperate for work during that era and were paid very little for their efforts. Many of them went unrecognized for their important contributions to the advertising industry. By appreciating and collecting these items today, we can keep their art alive and ensure that their legacy is not forgotten.

In conclusion, antique cigar labels, bands, and boxes are exquisite examples of art and craftsmanship from a bygone era. With their intricate designs, stunning gold embossing, and historic significance, it is no wonder that they are highly prized by collectors today. They are a true testament to the power of advertising and the artistic talent of those who created them.
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