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10 Or 20 Vintage Ninja Charms 1980s, Bright And Colorful!

10 Or 20 Vintage Ninja Charms 1980s, Bright And Colorful!

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Don't miss out on these amazing vintage Ninja charms from the 1980s! These charming accessories feature bold and vibrant colors that are sure to add an eye-catching pizzazz to any wardrobe or collection. Perfect for any ninja enthusiast, these figures will make a great addition to your jewelry, backed pieces, or even as an individual charm. These 10 or 20 Ninja Charms will quickly become your favorite accent piece!

3" long with chain and 1 1/2" in diameter

There are multiple different styles and colors. I will send you an assorted mix. 

Imagine having these unique collectibles displayed in your home as decor or just for fun!

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