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Antique R. J. Jr. Embossed Cigar Label, Usa Nra Member 1900s - 1920

Antique R. J. Jr. Embossed Cigar Label, Usa Nra Member 1900s - 1920

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Take a step back in time with this authentic antique R.J. Jr. embossed cigar label, circa 1900s-1920. This eye-catching label is sure to be the centerpiece of any tobacco collection, showcasing an alluring golden embossed look and an NRA member insignia in the corner. Easily frame it and hang it on your wall or add it to your book of cigar box labels for a truly unique look. This original piece of history is over 100 years old and will make a lasting impression wherever it goes.

9" x 6 1/2" ~

All of these have that slight discoloration on the front. I picked one that showed it the most for pictures and videos.

Imagine hanging this over 100-year-old antique advertising on your wall as home decor in any room!

Cigar labels show you what vintage advertising is all about with their embossed labels. This was a lost art after the 1920s unfortunately.

My pictures seriously don't do it justice. These had to be done on heavy paper stock which makes them stay vibrant and new looking for a long time.

This item has reached full antique status.

Please note I take no political sides and am just a history buff so I note the NRA as it is unique on this label.
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