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  • Rare Antique J B Lyons & Son Product List Promotional Ad Label, Logansport, IN 1910s Vintage Advertisements Vintage and Antique Gifts
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Rare Antique J B Lyons & Son Product List Promotional Ad Label, Logansport, IN 1910s

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Rare Antique J B Lyons & Son Partial Product List Promotional Advertising Label, Logansport, Indiana 1910s

7 1/2 x 4" ~

This is really a neat label or promotional flyer and a neat find. I would assume it is a label they applied to their tea it appears. There aren't many of this left available for sale out there. Very slight edge wear. Never would notice on display but please see pictures and video and judge for yourself.

This company has a neat history. Dr. James B Lynas started making family remedies in 1866 in Logansport. They soared in popularity with people traveling great distances to get them. He had up to 1500 people selling nationwide and was one of the first unofficial franchises in the USA by the late 1890s. The business soon became too large and he had to build a laboratory to accommodate the huge demand. By 1900 he had offices in Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta and his workforce had increased to 6 thousand selling his products many of whom traveled the country in horse-pulled carts. He was known for walking to work every morning wearing a morning coat and silk top hat.

The company was incorporated in 1904 as J. B. Lyons & Son and in 1906 moved to 519 - 523 E. Market Street and as of this writing is still there today with the letter J. B. L. still adorning the top. These were part of a find of labels that were found on the top floor of this building which from what I have researched is neat as that is where George the son ran his apron business out of and had seamstresses working all day up there. After James's death, the rapid expansion seemed to slow as his son George has a bread business and an apron business on top of becoming president of his father's company. The family eventually sold the business in 1938. This is a definite American icon celebrating a true visionary of his time. A very neat history can be found here

They aren't making any more vintage and antique labels obviously so once the limited supply for sale is gone and on display with collectors or in galleries then they will be very difficult to acquire.

Imagine hanging this antique advertising on your wall as home decor in any room!

My pictures seriously don't do it justice.

This item is a full antique.
The Rare Antique J B Lyons & Son Product List Promotional Ad Label, Logansport, IN 1910s destined to impress, and priced at only 13.99, for a limited time.

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