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Antique Vintage 1900s 🚬 Blue Ribbon Gold Embossed Cigar Label, Bonneauville, PA

Antique Vintage 1900s 🚬 Blue Ribbon Gold Embossed Cigar Label, Bonneauville, PA

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This antique vintage blue ribbon large embossed cigar label, made by Golden's Cigar from Bonneauville, PA, is a rare find for collectors looking to enhance their collection. The label dates back to the early 1900s to 1920s and features a unique stylistically intricate blue ribbon design. The 3-dimensional embossing work gives the label a distinctive look that is sure to stand out wherever it is displayed.

Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 7"

This label was from one of the most famous cigars on the East Coast and represents the most prominent business to operate out of Bonneauville, PA. Golden's Cigar was in business from 1895 until their last cigar rolled in March 1943.

Although there is very slight edge wear, the label remains in excellent condition. The vibrant gold embossing, often created with real gold flakes, adds to its appeal.

Imagine adding this over 100-year-old antique advertising piece as unique home decor in any room.

Cigar labels showcase the wonderful graphics of lithography, a lost art form after the 1920s. This piece was printed on heavy paper stock, ensuring its vibrancy and preservation over time.

Many of the artists behind these labels went unrecognized and were underpaid, but their artistry lives on through these collectible pieces.

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