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Antique Vintage Garcia Embossed Inner Cigar Label, 1900s - 1920s

Antique Vintage Garcia Embossed Inner Cigar Label, 1900s - 1920s

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This amazing piece of history adds a historic charm to any room. This gorgeous antique vintage Garcia Embossed Inner Cigar Label dates back to the early 1900s and the 1920s. The classic embossed label design contains an intricate blend of colors and details that perfectly capture the spirit of the time. The perfectly preserved label is a perfect find for classic, antique, or vintage collections. Perfectly preserved for over a century, this label will surely be a great conversation piece for any collection. This unique piece is sure to add a hint of class to any collection. Add a timeless piece of history to your home!

9 1/4" x 6 1/2" ~

These amazing colors and graphics have made them very highly sought after and collectible.

Amazing Gold embossed label. Most companies at the time used real gold flakes in the embossing.

Imagine hanging this over 100-year-old antique advertising on your wall as home decor in any room!

Cigar labels show you what antique advertising is all about with the wonderful graphics that lithography and embossing provided that modern printing just can't reproduce. This was mostly a lost art after the 1920s, unfortunately. Cigar Labels are a reminder of a bygone era, but the amazing lithography process is unparalleled even to this day, in my opinion. Museums and Art Institutes have galleries dedicated to them, and more and more of them and collectors are seeking these out to preserve their history. Once the limited supply for sale is gone and on display with collectors or in galleries, then they will be very difficult to acquire.

My pictures seriously don't do it justice. These had to be done on heavy paper stock, which makes them stay vibrant and new-looking for a long time.

This item has reached full antique status.

Most of these artists were very good but desperate for work during that era and got paid very little and received no recognition for their work. Unfortunately, the majority of these artists will remain unknown, but we can keep their art alive forever.

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