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Rare 1960s Vintage Blacklight Astrology Zodiac Mobile, Beautiful Colors, And Art!

Rare 1960s Vintage Blacklight Astrology Zodiac Mobile, Beautiful Colors, And Art!

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Rare 1960s Vintage Blacklight Astrology Zodiac Mobile, Beautiful Colors, and Art!

16 1/4" x 4" Package  

These are very highly collectible and really rare now. The zodiac signs are double-sided; please note 1 sign on each side. 

These beautiful pieces were stored in a humid area before I could save them. Some art pieces might be dusty or have wear or discoloration as the backs aren't fully sealed on the package (see picture). The individual art pieces might not have all stayed on the rod, which may be corroded and will either need to be reattached or the rod replaced. They might be only useful for crafts as you can only tell their condition once they are opened.

After WWII, many dime-store collectibles were produced in Japan and imported here as part of General Douglas MacArthur's rebuilding plan. He dismantled the zaibatsu, a large Japanese business conglomerate. This allowed the economy and small businesses in Stage Two of his plan to flourish, with the help of the Korean War stimulating the need for goods.

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Customer Reviews

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I will have a longer review, as this is a gift and has not been opened. I love the idea.

Hello Muss9857! Your stellar 5-star review has made the stars in our vintage universe shine brighter! ✨ We're over the moon that you appreciate the intricate art and the vibrant colors of the 1960s Zodiac Mobile. As we voyage deeper into the galaxy of antiques, we hope you continue to join us to explore more celestial treasures! Thanks a zillion for your patronage and valuable review!


Fast shipping and exactly the piece I was looking for to add to my collection! Thank you so much.


Awesome seller! Fabulous treasure! Fast shipping! :)