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Rare Antique Bristol Vermont Railroad Stock Certificate, Forney Locomotive,1900s

Rare Antique Bristol Vermont Railroad Stock Certificate, Forney Locomotive,1900s

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Rare Antique Bristol Vermont Railroad Company Stock Certificate, Forney Locomotive, 1900s

11 1/4" x 7 1/4" ~

This is a really rare and interesting stock with an amazing vignette of a Forney Locomotive which was preferred mainly in the Northeast because it was a small fast train that could handle tight curves that New England tracks required. The disadvantage as citizens can tell you is that these trains were very loud and produced a lot of smoke and sometimes cinders which as you can imagine back then could be quite the issue.

The town of Bristol, VT started this railroad in 1890, and the grand opening took place on January 5, 1892, although service had really begun on November 25, 1891, when a car of potatoes was shipped out of Bristol. It, unfortunately, succumbed during the Great Depression as so many other companies but is a very unique part of American and Railroad history.

Another neat thing about the provenance of these stocks is if you look at the top of the back on this particular one you can see the bond paper company the stocks were printed on out of Boston, MA. The next few I looked at did not have this particular marking or it is so faint like this one I cant see it with my old eyes but it is neat nonetheless to tie it all together history-wise.

Another neat fact one man John S. Burt is immortalized forever because he rode the first and the last train to ever run this track. It is so neat! He outlived his 15 minutes of fame by almost 100 years, better than I will ever do.

This site has some amazing pictures and a timeline you can expand at the bottom about the business. It is so fascinating.

Imagine hanging this antique historic collectible on your wall as home decor in any room! Stock certificates are another thing that is limited in supply and once they are gone all into museums and collections they will be hard to get. They are such historic documents with so much history behind them. The first stock certificate was issued in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company. 407 years of history later the Walt Disney Company issued one of the last paper stock certificates from a major corporation in 2013.

My pictures seriously don't do it justice. These had to be done on heavy paper stock, almost like a dollar bill but stiffer and more durable, which makes them stay vibrant and new looking for a long time.

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