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Rare Vintage 1930s Chaser Cork Bottle Cap, Memphis, TN, Lithium Hangover Cure

Rare Vintage 1930s Chaser Cork Bottle Cap, Memphis, TN, Lithium Hangover Cure

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Step back in time with the rare vintage 1930s Chaser Cork Bottle Cap from Memphis, TN! This incredible find has been preserved for decades and now can be yours to add to your collection. But wait, there's more! This cork bottle cap contains an even more exciting treasure provenance - a lithium hangover cure that was all the rage in its time.

Take a step into the past and experience a piece of history with this incredibly unique collectible. This rare vintage bottle cap was once used to top off bottles of the popular lithium-based hangover cure which was wildly popular during the 1930s. The cork still fits snugly into the bottle opening, giving you an authentic piece of history to display or preserve as an investment.

But don't hesitate, this unique item won't be available for long! The ultra-rare Lithium Hangover Cure combined with this beautifully crafted cork bottle cap makes this a must-have item for collectors, history buffs or anyone who appreciates the value of a piece of the past. Order yours today and take your collection to the next level!

Rare Vintage 1930s Chaser Cork Bottle Cap made by The Chaser Co. out of Memphis, Tennessee

This is one of the oldest caps you can find out there that have survived this long. This is a very unique soda cap of a brand at the time that was sold full of lithium and advertised as a hangover cure which is very beneficial for sales after a long day of work or partying, I am sure!

These antiques have some rubbing marks etc. from being store together for almost 100 years.
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