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Rare 🔥Unreleased World of Warcraft TCG GameStop Hobby Store Display, Special!

Rare 🔥Unreleased World of Warcraft TCG GameStop Hobby Store Display, Special!

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Rare Vintage 2006 World of Warcraft GameStop Hobby Store Display Blizzard

11" x 11" ~

What a unique part of gaming history and such a neat image. This TCG was announced in 2005 by Upper Deck who released it in 2006. For some reason, Upper Deck lost the license in 2010 and it went to Cryptozoic Entertainment, but this was short lived as Blizzard announced in 2013 that they would not renew likely because of the release of Hearthstone which had a lot of similarities to the TCG.

Video game and trading card game fans this is a treat as this is an amazing collectible that is not very common and only went out to dealers like GameStop etc... and was never released for sale.

These are plastic and pretty indestructible. The clings are applied by using wet towels and some dish soap on the glass (nice wet film on the glass). Then you apply cling top to bottom and use a credit card to get the bubbles out. They can be taken off and on and moved forever!

Imagine having this unique collectible displayed in your home as decor.

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