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Vintage Tin Wind Up Rocking Tyrannosaurus Rex Collectible Toy, Unopened In Box! 1970s - 1980s

Vintage Tin Wind Up Rocking Tyrannosaurus Rex Collectible Toy, Unopened In Box! 1970s - 1980s

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Vintage Tin Wind Up Rocking Tyrannosaurus Rex Collectible Toy, Unopened In Box!

Experience nostalgia with this vintage tin wind-up rocking Tyrannosaurus Rex collectible toy from the 1970s to 1980s. Standing at 6" x 4 1/2", this unique item is a rare find perfect for collectors.


While the box may show signs of wear, the toy itself remains in perfect condition. Manufactured in China by the Beijing Juyou Industrial Company exclusively for "The Castle" in Pennsylvania, these toys have a limited production run and are labeled for collectors, not children.

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This piece of memorabilia is a true gem utilizing molds from an older version to create a colorful and fun dinosaur toy. Although the toy I tested works perfectly, it is being sold as a collectible display only. Vintage wind-up toys like this can be delicate and prone to over-cranking, so caution is advised. Explore more from this curated collection of rare finds for similar items that you might love!

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Customer Reviews

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Love vintage toys. Will add to my sons Easter basket

Hi there! Thank you so much for choosing our Vintage Tin Wind Up Rocking Tyrannosaurus Rex as a special addition to your son's Easter basket! We hope it brings back fond memories and provides endless fun for your little one. Have a great day!


Nice item! Arrived as expected

Hello Kiaraelm! Your five-star review has us doing the T-Rex happy dance over here at 'Vintage and Antique Gifts' . We're glad our Tyrannosaurus Rex toy from the wild 70s and 80s hit all the right notes with you. Your support keeps the vintage vibe alive. Thanks a ton! Can't wait to bring you more hidden gems. Best Wishes!


This was a gift for my dino-collecting sis and BIL. They LOVED it. Thank you!

Hi Sally! Your 5-star rating has put a mammoth smile on our faces! The Vintage Tin Wind-up Tyrannosaurus Rex certainly is a wild find, isn't it? We really appreciate your support in keeping the memories of the past alive with your lovely review. Thanks for joining us on this vintage adventure. We're always here for you!


Just what I was looking for.

We are so happy you got what you wanted! Unfortunately, if you look around at our other reviews, we definitely didn't get what we work for. A 4 star review isn't something we strive for but have no problem with it if we can't assist you with your issue. Unfortunately you never responded to messages nor emails. If we can't communicate with you and be given the opportunity to assist we are unable to do business with you in the future. Etsy's requirements to maintain a 5-star rating forces us to protect our Seller Status. Our items are rare and customer service is where we try to shine if you give us a chance. We hope you find what you are looking for in the future but unfortunately it won't be with us. Happy Holidays!


Great looking toy. Quick delivery