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Vintage Handmade Keychain, Pendant, Wall Decor, Bakelight?, 1960s

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12.99 USD
Обычная цена
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12.99 USD
Vintage Handmade Keychain, Pendant, Wall Decor, Very Unique and High Value! 1960s

2 1/2" x 2" x 1/8" 

These are absolutely amazing and each one is 100% unique and one of a kind! Now I am not an expert on jewelry or keychain materials etc. If anyone knows what this material could be let me know I tried researching and I don't know if this is Bakelight, some kind of tree sap, epoxy, or something else I am not thinking of. The information for jewelry etc is extensive and a whole new world for me.

All I know is in the 1960s this sold for 29.99 brand new as inflation is about 10x since then. The tag is so helpful to date them and is only on a couple. So this was a high-quality item back then and has only gained in value since. At the price, I am going to sell them for I expect these to go fast until someone tells me I am an idiot and these are really special. But seriously I would love to research the process for how these are made so if you do know what they might be please let me know.

I am also assuming they are handmade because each one is totally unique front and back. But the backs are perfectly smooth like they were in a mold and then swirled with a brush/tool because on the front, on most I handled, you run your fingers over it and you can feel a spot where the brush/tool was removed. They are so neat!

Imagine using this vintage collectible for almost anything as this is a classic 1960s look. You can use it as a pendant, keychain or it would look amazing as a wall hanging for your home decor!
The Vintage Handmade Keychain, Pendant, Wall Decor, Bakelight?, 1960s is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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