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8 Or 16 Vintage Assorted Pencil Toppers Animals On a Swing 1980s So Fun!

8 Or 16 Vintage Assorted Pencil Toppers Animals On a Swing 1980s So Fun!

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This amazing set of 8 or 16 vintage pencil toppers from the 1980s are sure to add some fun to any pencil! Featuring an array of colorful animals on a swing, this retro collection is perfect for any 80's kid that loves nostalgia. Each piece is unique and distinct with vivid colors and classic designs from this beloved decade. Whether you just need something to brighten up your desk while studying or you're looking to give a fun and memorable gift, this cool set of 8 or 16 pencil toppers will certainly do the trick!

2"" x 1 1/2"~

I have to ship them as a package so might as well ship you a bunch at once. I seriously have no clue if I got all the animals pictured. Every time I thought I had found the last one another popped up and the color combinations are endless.

Imagine having these unique collectibles displayed in your home as decor or just for fun!

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