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Antique Home Of Ramona Crate Label, Helen Hunt Jackson, Rancho Camulos, Ventura County, Ca, 1900s - 1924

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This beautifully preserved antique home of Ramona crate label is a remarkable piece of history, featuring the beloved character of Helen Hunt Jackson's novel and artwork from the early 1900s-1924. The illustration captures Rancho Camulos, which was located in Ventura County, California and a historically significant location for its association with the iconic novel Ramona and was used as an inspiration for much of the novel's setting. This label features the words "Home of Ramona", along with elegant lettering. A unique collectible and gorgeous piece of art, this antique home of Ramona Crate Label is a great addition to any collection.

11" x 10" ~

This is one of the most famous and collectible crate labels out there.

These have some very slight edge wear see pictures and video. You never would see it in a frame but please judge for yourself. You can see it more on the back as it was obviously exposed to humidity at some time in the last 100 years.

This amazing American company was the first orange growers in Ventura County, CA after getting their first seeds from a friend of the family in 1857.

This is also, more importantly, and significant, the ranch that "Ramona" by Helen Hunt Jackson published in 1884 and her experiences here. It caused this place to become so famous and they were flooded with tourists and visitors first by stagecoach then by railroad. The Southern Pacific Railroad opened a depot and advertised they had access to the ranch to separate themselves from their competitors, so the problem became something the family eventually learned to take advantage of. They had spent a lot financially over many years of Californian hospitality housing the visitors at the ranch who often stole things and ate the fruit in the orchards. They branded their wine and oranges as Home of Ramona to capitalize on the popularity of the book which inspired and were adapted by many other books and plays after.

This is a very unique label as this place still exists and produces oranges. It was reopened in 1994 after being sold by the original family in 1924. The ranch had been established in 1839 and they were one of the largest wine producers in the area. The Ranch is now considered a National Historic Landmark and one of the original Spanish adobe buildings still stands and is one of the only ones in the state. It is a museum and a large tourist attraction now. More of the incredible history of this Extinct American Icon company that inspired a masterpiece can be found here

Imagine this amazing antique advertising hanging as home decor in any room!

This is a full antique.
The Antique Home Of Ramona Crate Label, Helen Hunt Jackson, Rancho Camulos, Ventura County, Ca, 1900s - 1924 is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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