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Antique 1900s Tebson Embossed Cigar Label Woodgrain, Brooks & Co's, Red Lion, PA

Antique 1900s Tebson Embossed Cigar Label Woodgrain, Brooks & Co's, Red Lion, PA

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This antique Tebson Embossed Cigar Label Woodgrain from Brooks & Co's of Red Lion, PA is a true gem from the early 1900s to 1920s. Crafted with intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship, this embossed cigar label showcases the artistry of that era. Add this rare find to your collection and marvel at its timeless beauty!


The Perfecto De Luxe was a renowned cigar brand in the early 1900s, operating five factories by 1930. These factories played a pivotal role in establishing Pennsylvania as a significant hub for tobacco production. The town's legacy is still honored today, with celebrations like raising a large cigar on New Year's Eve. Discover other versions of this iconic label in-store, including "Have a Sweet" and "Canadian Club."


This gold embossed label exudes elegance, using real gold flakes in the embossing process. Experience the charm of vintage advertising by displaying this 100-year-old piece in your home decor. The detailed graphics from lithography capture a bygone era that modern printing can't replicate. The heavy paper stock ensures durability, preserving the label's vibrancy over time.

Artistic Legacy:

Many talented artists contributed to these labels during an era of economic hardship, often receiving little pay or recognition. Despite their anonymity, their art continues to captivate collectors today. Preserve their legacy by cherishing these timeless pieces.

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