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Antique Vintage 1900s Artola Embossed Cigar Label, Roman Woman Garden Scene

Antique Vintage 1900s Artola Embossed Cigar Label, Roman Woman Garden Scene

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Antique Artola Cigar Label - Vintage Embossed Decor

Transport yourself to a bygone era with this exquisite antique Artola cigar label featuring a captivating garden scene. The intricate details and classic Roman attire of the woman depicted hearken back to the early 1900s - 1910s when cigar labels were works of art in themselves. Made of gold embossed paper, this label is a rare find that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

This beautifully preserved piece of history is not just a decorative item; it's a testament to the rich heritage of cigar advertising. Display it in your home or office to showcase a piece of the past or gift it to a history enthusiast for a unique present.

The craftsmanship of these embossed labels, often created with real gold flakes, is a reminder of a time when advertising was truly an art form. The vivid colors and intricate designs are a result of lithography, a technique that has since been lost to modern printing methods.

Measuring 8 1/4" x 6 1/2", this label is a statement piece that can adorn any room with its vintage charm. The heavy paper stock used ensures that the colors remain vibrant and the details stay sharp for years to come.

Support the talented but unrecognized artists of the past by preserving their art and keeping it alive for future generations to appreciate.

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