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Antique Vintage Budd Creamy Root Beer Label, Newport, Nh 1920s, Highly Collectible!

Antique Vintage Budd Creamy Root Beer Label, Newport, Nh 1920s, Highly Collectible!

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This Antique Vintage Budd Creamy Root Beer Label from the 1920s is highly collectible and a must-have for antique collectors. Its iconic cream color and vintage aesthetic will add a classic touch to any display or room. Packaged in Newport, NH from the jazz age, this label features a bubbly font that gives off a fun and energetic vibe. The vintage label is sure to become the crown jewel of your collection. This antique label can be framed or placed on a bookshelf to instantly add nostalgia and value to your home or office. Get your hands on an authentic vintage classic today!

4 1/4" x 3 3/4" ~

Budd’s Beverages, Inc. was founded in 1916. They never planned on opening a beverage industry; they were concentrating on providing groceries to the burgeoning Polish community in Newport, NH. In 1922, they had an opportunity to use the Newport Bottling Works and began manufacturing carbonated beverages. By the 1930s, Budds was famous and sought after all over Vermont and New Hampshire. They closed their doors permanently in 1972.

Imagine hanging this antique advertising on your wall as home decor in any room!

This is a full antique.
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