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Antique Vintage Imitation Pineapple Soda Cork Bottle Cap 1950s

Antique Vintage Imitation Pineapple Soda Cork Bottle Cap 1950s

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This unique collectible is sure to be the centerpiece of your vintage bottle cap collection. This Antique Vintage Imitation Pineapple Soda Cork Bottle Cap from the 1950s is not only true to its era, but it won't disappoint in terms of quality. Perfect for any soda bottle fan or vintage enthusiast, this iconic bottle cap is sure to start a conversation. With its detailed pineapple imprint, bright colors, and authentic corks, each bottle cap from this time period is precious and one of a kind! Add it to your collection today for a throwback that's sure to impress.

SunDrop brand was developed in St. Louis, Mo., in 1949 by Charles Lazier, a salesman of beverage concentrates. The really neat thing about this is in those early years, it was left up to the individual bottler to name the product. So that makes these really neat as they would be unique now and then!

This was bottled by an American Icon Crown Holding which used to be Crown Cork & Seal Company that started in 1892 and today produces 1 out of every 5 cans of beverages made and also 1 out of 3 cans of food in the world.
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