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Antique Vintage Big Wolf Large Embossed Cigar Label, Rare Older Version 1900s - 1920s

Antique Vintage Big Wolf Large Embossed Cigar Label, Rare Older Version 1900s - 1920s

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Antique Vintage Big Wolf Cigar Label

Experience the charm of the past with this exquisite antique vintage Big Wolf cigar label from the 1900s/1920s. The attention to detail in the embossing and artwork is truly striking, making it a rare piece of history with only a few examples remaining in existence.

This original large label, showcasing amazing gold embossing that used real gold flakes, is a testament to the stunning craftsmanship of the era. Hang it on your wall as unique home decor and add a touch of vintage nostalgia to any room.

These cigar labels offer a glimpse into antique advertising with lithography and embossing techniques that modern printing can't replicate. Preserving these pieces of art is crucial as they are a reminder of a bygone era when artists, though often unrecognized and underpaid, produced timeless creations.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history that has stood the test of time. Each label was meticulously crafted on heavy paper stock, ensuring its vibrancy and longevity for years to come. Capture the essence of a lost art form with this antique vintage Big Wolf cigar label.

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Worked very well to create birthday card for owner of tobacco business
A few extra items included for decoration


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