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Rare 1950s Vintage Clem's Orange Drink Cork Bottle Cap, Malvern, AR, Historic!

Rare 1950s Vintage Clem's Orange Drink Cork Bottle Cap, Malvern, AR, Historic!

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Introducing an absolute blast from the past - the Rare 1950s Vintage Clem's Orange Drink Cork Bottle Cap, straight from Malvern, AR! This remarkable piece of memorabilia is the perfect addition to any collector's inventory, or for those looking to infuse some retro charm into their home decor.

Crafted from premium quality cork material, this bottle cap is a true testament to the timeless appeal of vintage design. The classic orange hue of Clem's Orange Drink is sure to bring back fond memories of hot summer days spent sipping on icy beverages with friends and family.

Whether for display or personal enjoyment, the Rare 1950s Vintage Clem's Orange Drink Cork Bottle Cap is guaranteed to catch attention and spark conversation wherever it goes. So why wait? Add this treasure to your collection today and relive the glory days of yesteryear!

This rare and unique piece of memorabilia were produced and found at Clem Bottling Works in Malvern, Arkansas which was founded in 1907 by J.M. Clem and his son, Harold "Dock" Clem. The Clem prided themselves on creating all their own flavors and this one their Orange was the best seller.

The Clem family ran the business out of a small outbuilding behind their home at the time. Fortunately, in 1914 a bottling plant and warehouse were built on South Main Street in Malvern.

Interestingly the family made its own carbonated water. Let's just say consistency was an issue and bottles exploded often usually in the plant. Any operator wore a blacksmith/firefighter like outfit to protect themselves.

A very neat fact to this Americana is their sales skyrocketed when than President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried the Clem orange pop during his visit to Malvern for the celebration of Arkansas' centennial in 1936 and pronounced it "the best." Roosevelt insisted on meeting Harold Clem, shook his hand, and ordered two cases of the drink prepared for shipment to the White House.

The company like so many others at the time succumbed in the early 1970s as the conglomerates in the beverage industry were consolidating their power.

From reading fond memories of people who were lucky enough to taste this soda it is a shame some of us will never get the chance.
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