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Rare Version Antique Vintage Native American Broom Label 1910s - 1940s

Rare Version Antique Vintage Native American Broom Label 1910s - 1940s

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This Rare Version Antique Vintage 6" by 3.5" Native American Broom Label from the 1910s-1940s is a stunning piece of history that would make for a captivating addition to any home decor. Showcasing beautiful Native American imagery and vibrant colors, this vintage advertising label is sure to catch the eye and spark conversation. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find such rare and unprinted antique broom labels, making this a truly unique and coveted item. Originally used as a marketing tool to differentiate mops and brooms from competitors, these collectible labels have since become beloved artifacts of a bygone era. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of American history with this enchanting Native American broom label.

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