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Rare Vintage 1966 🪖 Triple Cross, Aux Ordres Du Fuhrer, Belgium Movie Poster

Rare Vintage 1966 🪖 Triple Cross, Aux Ordres Du Fuhrer, Belgium Movie Poster

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For all movie lovers and collectors of rare vintage items, we present the exclusive Rare Vintage 1966 Aux Ordres Du Fuhrer, Triple Cross, Belgium Movie Poster. This extraordinary piece is not only a captivating visual masterpiece but also holds historical significance.

Measuring at 22 x 14, this movie poster represents the 1966 USA release of the Belgian film "Aux Ordres Du Fuhrer, Triple Cross." The storyline of this film is inspired by the incredible true story of Eddie Chapman, a man believed to be the Nazis' most valuable spy in Great Britain during World War II. However, little did they know that he was secretly working as a double agent for MI5, operating under the codename Zigzag.

The title of the film, "Triple Cross," holds a deeper meaning, as it references Chapman's unique Morse code signature: XXX. This symbolic detail becomes even more intriguing when witnessed in the film's final scene.

This stunning movie memorabilia is in excellent condition, with little to no edge wear and minor edge discoloration does not effect image nor even close (see pictures). It's a must-have for any fan of the genre! This amazing display piece will be shipped professionally in a mailing tube, ensuring safe arrival to your doorstep. 

This rare vintage movie poster serves as a gateway to a remarkable tale of espionage, loyalty, and deception. It captures the essence of a bygone era and offers a glimpse into the bravery and cunning of individuals who risked everything for their countries during World War II.

Perfect for movie enthusiasts, history buffs, or anyone seeking a rare find for their collection, this Rare Vintage 1966 Aux Ordres Du Fuhrer, Triple Cross Belgium Movie Poster is a must-have. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history that echoes with the dramatic events of an extraordinary individual.

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