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Rare 1950s Vintage Cohasset Grape Soda Cork Bottle Cap, Youngstown, OH

Rare 1950s Vintage Cohasset Grape Soda Cork Bottle Cap, Youngstown, OH

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Are you a true collector of vintage items? Then, you cannot miss out on this rare gem – a vintage Cohasset Grape Soda cork Bottle Cap straight from Youngstown, Ohio, in the 1950s! This incredible piece takes you back to a time when drinks were bottled by hand and the cork caps ooze character and charm. It's a true piece of Americana history that embodies the spirit of soda fountains and local bottling companies.

This bottle cap is a rare find that will undoubtedly add an unmatched level of authenticity to your collection or home decor. With its vibrant purple grape design and letters spelling out "Cohasset Grape Soda," it's a collector's dream. The cork material was the preferred choice for bottling during the 1950s, making this piece remarkable. If you're a fan of vintage sodas, collectibles, or simply looking for a unique addition to your home bar

These are beautiful caps and there is a very limited supply out there.
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