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Rare 1950s Vintage Squirt Armstrong Cork Bottle Cap, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, PA

Rare 1950s Vintage Squirt Armstrong Cork Bottle Cap, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, PA

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Very Rare Vintage Squirt Cork Lined Bottle Cap bottled by Armstrong Cork Company out of Pittsburgh and now Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1950s

This is like the hot potato of American companies as Squirt has been sold more times than anyone seems to be able to keep track of. It is currently owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper.

This is a rare cork-lined cap as it was done by the Armstrong Cork Company making this even more desirable. In all my archives and references I cannot find another one of these that have been sold publicly which means the supply is and was very limited. I do not have many of these amazing pieces of history.

The Armstrong Cork Company started in 1860 in Pittsburgh, PA in a one-room shop carving corks by hand and delivering them in wheelbarrows. They soon grew to be the biggest suppliers of corks in the world by the 1890s. This American Iconic company is still alive and going today based out of Lancaster along with as of this writing 26 other facilities and 9 manufacturing plants. They saw the coming tide with other materials replacing corks and pivoted to flooring and it appears they have pivoted again and do walls and ceilings now. (I hear in 2040 they are going to start doing basements. I am just kidding. Please this is not a fact)

These could be even older as I can't nail down the exact date Armstrong bottled these as it seems to be a brief period but wanted to err on the safe side.

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