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Very Rare Antique Ohio & Mississippi Railroad Stock Certificate 1880's

Very Rare Antique Ohio & Mississippi Railroad Stock Certificate 1880's

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If you're a collector of rare antiques, don't miss out on this Very Rare Antique Ohio & Mississippi Railroad Stock Certificate from 1887. This historic piece measures 12" x 8" and holds significant value due to its connection to the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, which operated from Cincinnati, Ohio, to East St. Louis, Illinois from 1857 to 1893.

Historical Significance

This stock certificate is more than just a piece of memorabilia - it represents a crucial time in American history. The Ohio and Mississippi Railroad was involved in the first train robbery in US history on October 6, 1866, when the Reno Gang targeted an Adams Express Co car near Seymour, Indiana.

Merging and Legacy

In 1893, Ohio & Mississippi merged with the B and O Railroad (of Monopoly fame) and continued to operate under CSX transportation. This piece of history has now reached full antique status, making it a highly sought-after item for collectors.

Unique Characteristics

Stock certificates are rare finds that offer insight into the past. Each certificate is signed by prominent figures such as the company President and Secretary, adding to its value and provenance. Despite not personally researching these signatures, the historical significance they hold cannot be understated.

These certificates were printed on heavy paper stock, ensuring their longevity and allowing them to maintain their vibrancy over time. Owning such a piece not only adds a touch of history to your collection but also serves as a unique conversation starter.

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