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Vintage 1968 Mr Peanut 50 States Coloring Book, Lowell Ellsworth Smith

Vintage 1968 Mr Peanut 50 States Coloring Book, Lowell Ellsworth Smith

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Looking for a unique and whimsical way to travel back in time and explore the United States? The Vintage 1968 Mr Peanut 50 States Coloring Book is your ultimate guide to all things America! This retro coloring book takes you on a journey through each and every state, with charming illustrations by Lowell Ellsworth Smith that capture each region's unique culture and history.

Featuring the iconic Mr. Peanut himself as your trusty guide, this coloring book is filled with engaging facts and trivia about each state, as well as fun activities and games for kids and adults alike. Take a virtual road trip without leaving the comfort of your own home, as you color in landmarks, and learn about each state's fascinating history along the way.

Amazing coloring book of the 50 states and their description depicted from 1960s perspective for each state with Mr. Peanut showing up throughout make his adorable presence felt.

10 3/4' x 8 1/2" ~

Lowell Ellsworth Smith is a legend, and he illustrated the whole book. He was an Ohio artist whose amazing art pieces go for over $3K when he was alive. He unfortunately passed away in 2008 making these pieces even more precious. Amazing unused stock with little to no wear.

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