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Vintage 1970s Mini Coors Beer Can Vending | Gumball, Never Opened!

Vintage 1970s Mini Coors Beer Can Vending | Gumball, Never Opened!

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This sensational Vintage 1970s Mini Coors Beer Can that came from a gumball machine is truly a sight to behold! It looks like it stepped out of the 70's, with its cheerful yellow and red accents and the classic Coors logo. With the original packaging still intact, this capsule has never been opened or used and is ready for new owners to turn back the clock. For display purposes this mini–Coors Beer Can is a great reminder of times gone by. Treat yourself or a beer lover in your life to this special piece of brewery history today!

These beer memorabilia from the 1970s are so neat. Reminder of the days you could find all sorts of stuff in the vending machine as a kid. 😂

From what I have seen from used ones online you can pop the tab if you figure out how to do so. They are still in their original vending capsules. I am not sure if they are tin and plastic or all plastic.

The Coors brewery located in Golden, Colorado is the largest single brewing facility operating in the world.

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