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Vintage 1980s Sunkist Orange Soda Bottle Cap, Beautiful Cap!

Vintage 1980s Sunkist Orange Soda Bottle Cap, Beautiful Cap!

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Are you a lover of all things vintage? Then you'll surely fall head over heels for this beautiful Vintage 1980s Sunkist Orange Soda Bottle Cap! Imagine holding in your hand a piece of history - a cap that once was supposed to adorn a popular soda bottle decades ago. This beautiful cap features the iconic Sunkist logo, with its vibrant and eye-catching orange hue that will undoubtedly transport you back to a simpler time. It's hard not to get excited when you see such a rare and unique item that not many people can say they own! And if you're a collector, this is truly a must-have addition to your collection. Display it on your shelf or use it to decorate your favorite jacket, bag, or even as a statement piece of jewelry! Don't miss out on owning this stunning piece of the past. Get your Vintage 1980s Sunkist Orange Soda Bottle Cap today!

Amazing, uncommon Sunkist cap perfect for any collection! Sunkist went national in the 1980s franchised to leading Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola bottlers. The advertising slogan was "fun, sun and the beach" using TV and radio commercials with the Beach Boys' hit song "Good Vibrations" as the brand's theme. In 1980, Sunkist Orange Soda became the #1 orange soda in the US and the 10th bestselling soft drink.

These were found in an old bottling plant in Jefferson, North Carolina in the 1990s.
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