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Vintage Anime Mazinger z Lighter 1970s First Robot Piloted Internally!

Vintage Anime Mazinger z Lighter 1970s First Robot Piloted Internally!

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Vintage Anime Mazinger Z Lighter 1970s First Robot Piloted Internally!

1 1/8" x 7/8" ~

Anime fans rejoice as this is an amazing collectible that is not very common. This series aired from 1972 - 1974 and has quite the following. It is widely considered the catalyst for starting the robot series frenzy that followed.

These are very neat! They would have been given out in vending machines and prizes at arcades. Isn't it amazing what we could buy or win as a kid back then? 🤪 Not like they are going to be making this kind of thing anymore which makes them so collectible.

Probably could be very useful as they are easy to carry. Tell me you wouldn't be the coolest one in the room when someone asks for a lighter and you pull this out! They seem to open either way. Top or bottom. Each one varies.

Imagine having these unique collectibles displayed in your home as decor.

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