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Vintage San Juan Racing Stock Certificate, Coca Cola, Coke, Horse Racing 1960s

Vintage San Juan Racing Stock Certificate, Coca Cola, Coke, Horse Racing 1960s

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Vintage San Juan Racing Stock Certificate Coca-Cola, Coke, Horse Racing 1960s

Enhance your home decor with this rare vintage San Juan Racing stock certificate from the 1960s. Measuring 12" x 8", this piece of racing history is a unique and valuable addition to any room.

Company History and Rare Offer

This race horsing company, which owned a racetrack in Puerto Rico, began its operations in 1954. In addition to horse racing, they ventured into radio ownership, acquiring 10 stations including well-known ones like WUST-FM and WJMD-FM in Washington and KNUS-FM in Dallas. A significant milestone was an offer on Dec. 8, 1978, from Larry Israel of Coca-Cola of New York to purchase San Juan Racing stock at $20 per share, which was trading around $14 at the time. The company accepted this offer, amounting to a substantial $66 million acquisition.

Following the 1980s, there is limited information about the company, with records indicating it went out of business in 2015.

Historical Significance of Stock Certificates

Stock certificates are not only collectible items but also pieces of history. The first one was issued in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company, marking centuries of financial heritage. Even in recent times, major corporations like the Walt Disney Company issued paper stock certificates until 2013.

These certificates were printed on durable paper stock, resembling currency notes in quality. Their unique signatures, often from notable figures within the company, add value and authenticity to these artifacts. Each certificate tells a story and contributes to the rich tapestry of financial history.

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Fantastic item and condition, as advertised!

Thank you for your kind review! We are thrilled that you are happy with your Vintage San Juan Racing Stock Certificate. Enjoy your piece of history and cheers to Coca Cola and horse racing in the 1960s!