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Vintage 1997 Looney Tunes Roadrunner Stuffy Stuffed Plush Toy Warner Bros.

Vintage 1997 Looney Tunes Roadrunner Stuffy Stuffed Plush Toy Warner Bros.

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For sale is a Vintage 1997 Looney Tunes Roadrunner Stuffy Stuffed Plush Toy from Warner Bros. This adorable plush toy is in new condition and comes with its original tag. Measuring approximately 14 inches long, it showcases the iconic crest on its head, just like the beloved character in the animated series. The Roadrunner, introduced in 1949 along with its famous nemesis Wile E. Coyote, has an incredible history that will surely bring back nostalgic memories.

Crafted with attention to detail, this plush toy features floppy crest, tail, bill, and neck, giving it a lifelike appearance. You may notice some visible threads on the seams, which are likely intentional for an authentic retro feel, indicating that it was never opened before from its original factory case.

Ideal for Looney Tunes enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their home decor, this Vintage Looney Tunes Roadrunner Stuffy Stuffed Plush Toy is a true gem. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of animation history!

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Customer Reviews

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Super fast shipping. Just what we were looking for!

Hello Jessica! We're thrilled that you're enjoying your Roadrunner plush toy! We're blessed to have such wonderful vintage enthusiasts like you in our community. Thank you for your continued support and we can't wait to connect you with more unique finds. Happy antiquing!


Item much smaller than expected but in good condition

This stuff absolutely drives me crazy. Size is the second size in our listings and the THIRD PICTURE is of my son holding it! What else can I possibly do? Seriously how can you buy anything without looking at the pictures or reading a description? I can't force you to do so but I highly recommend it! Why do I even write descriptions, take multiple pictures, have a 100% Happiness Guarantee, and 60-day free returns if it can't prevent silliness like this. You refuse to respond to our messages to try and assist. Please realize anyone reading this before you buy from us reviews like this and a lack of communication ruin our star seller status for no fault of our own as a single dad and to protect our business these people will never do business with us again.


We love it! It goes great with our looney Tunes collection!

Hello Melani! We're over the moon with your 5-star rating! Delighted to know that our Vintage Roadrunner Plush Toy made an impression. We absolutely love catering to all you vintage-lovers out there and your ongoing support is what makes this journey worthwhile. Until next time, happy antiquing!


It's great, my brother loved it.

Hello Giovanne! What a lovely 5-star rating, thank you! We are thrilled he loved the Vintage Looney Tunes Roadrunner Plush Toy! It warms our heart to send vintage gems to fellow retro enthusiasts like him! We so appreciate your support and look forward to our antiquing adventures ahead with you! ️


Fast shipping, great communication, product exactly as described.

Hello Jnitka, thank you so much for your 5-star rating! We're absolutely delighted that you loved the Vintage Looney Tunes Roadrunner Stuffed Plush Toy. It's always a joy to connect vintage enthusiasts like yourself with retro goodies. Thanks for making us a part of your nostalgic journey. Until next time! ️