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Rare 🧑‍🌾 Combo Antique Vintage 1910s - 1930s Old Homestead Mince Meat Labels

Rare 🧑‍🌾 Combo Antique Vintage 1910s - 1930s Old Homestead Mince Meat Labels

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For sale is a rare combo of antique vintage 1910s - 1930s Old Homestead mince meat labels. This bundle of vintage labels is a true gem and a remarkable find for any collector. These labels feature stunning lithography depicting a picturesque farm scene 🧑‍🌾, adding to their appeal and beauty. The scarcity of these labels in this particular size and shape makes them even more special and sought after.

At the time of their production, these labels used real brandy in their mincemeat recipe, a fact that not only added flavor but also ensured customer retention. Interestingly, during Prohibition, mincemeat became particularly popular due to its alcoholic ingredient, making it an American staple.

If you are a fan of antique collectibles or have a passion for vintage labels, this rare bundle is the perfect addition to complete your collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history and marvel at the craftsmanship of these exquisite mince meat labels from the early 20th century.


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