How to Mat and Hang Antique Art and Labels Without Ruining or Damaging Them

If you love beautiful vintage labels, art prints, and stunning antique advertising for your home decor, you'll want to learn the best methods for hanging them on your walls without causing any damage. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your treasured pieces look great and stay in top condition.

Preparing Your Art:

If your print or art is rolled, uncurl it properly by laying it flat with two heavy objects on the corners, and then rolling it gently in the opposite direction around a tube. This will help flatten it out for hanging.

Attaching Your Art:

Mount your art on foam poster board using art-friendly tape before hanging. This allows for easy attachment to the wall using mounting tape, string, wire, or a frame hook.

Choosing the Right Hardware:

Select the appropriate hardware, such as nails and frame hooks for lightweight art, or locate a stud for heavier pieces. Use a stud finder to safely drill into the wall and secure the art in place.

Setting the Height:

For optimal placement, hang your art with the center sitting at fifty-seven inches above the floor. Adjust this height based on furniture placement and the artwork's dimensions.

Frame Your Piece:

Frame your art appropriately by selecting the right size mat and frame. Ensure there is enough space between the artwork and the mat, and use acid-free tape to avoid damage over time.

Protecting Your Artwork:

Avoid hanging art in direct sunlight to prevent fading. Consider conservation glass or museum glass to filter UV rays and protect your art from damage.

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