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Antique 1924 Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Co. Gold Bond Certificate

Antique 1924 Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Co. Gold Bond Certificate

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Discover a piece of history with this stunning antique gold bond certificate from the Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Company. Dating to 1924, this certificate has been preserved in incredible condition and offers a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the vital transportation hub that the Lehigh Valley was at the time. The certificate is complete with its breathtaking Art Deco border and the signature of a company President. This certificate is sure to be the envy of any collector--it is an absolute must-have for anyone who treasures railroad memorabilia. Add classic charm to your home or office decor with this unique and timeless collectible.

The Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway was organized in 1891 by the consolidation of the companies that formed the Lehigh Valley's route from South Plainfield through Newark to Jersey City.

15" x 10" ~ These are very unique as they have the original stub? (I am honestly not sure the exact term for the top binding that documents are taken from) attached unlike the 100's of others that were removed so these don't have damage that can happen. There is such a limited supply of these as most were ripped off as you can see from the pictures.

My pictures seriously can't do it justice!

Imagine hanging this vintage historic collectible on your wall as home decor in any room! Stock certificates are another thing that is limited in supply and once they are all gone into museums and collections, they will be hard to get. They are such historic documents with so much history behind them. The first stock certificate was issued in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company. 407 years of history later the Walt Disney Company issued one of the last paper stock certificates from a major corporation in 2013.

These had to be done on heavy paper stock, almost like a dollar bill but stiffer and more durable, which makes them stay vibrant and new looking for a long time. The other very unique thing about bond certificates is they could have all kinds of interesting signatures and or stamps, and you honestly never know whom you will find. Almost all bonds are signed by the company President and Secretary. Some collectors research the other signatures and historic significance, and it adds so much provenance and value to an already valuable item. I have never done this as I can barely read my own signature let alone one from over 100 years ago.

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