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Antique Vintage Brick's Nonpareil Mince Meat Label 1910s - 1930s ~

Antique Vintage Brick's Nonpareil Mince Meat Label 1910s - 1930s ~

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This remarkable antique mincemeat label dating back to the 1910s through the 1930s, offers a history-filled addition for any foodie collector. Crafted by renowned brand “Brick’s”, this unique artifact is sure to become a lovable showpiece in your precious collection. This vintage label has retained its color over time - making it perfect for display. Offer a piece of old-world charm to the shelves of your home and let the vintage vibes flow. Add the Antique Vintage Brick's Nonpareil Mince Meat Label to your selection now!

3 1/2" x 3" ~

They used real brandy in this old recipe so probably helped with customer retention. :) Actually, mincemeat in Prohibition became especially popular for this exact reason and became an American staple.

Imagine this vintage advertising hanging on your wall as home decor in any room!

This is within 10 years of full antique status.

Most of these artists were very good but desperate for work during that era and got paid very little and received no recognition for their work. Unfortunately, the majority of these artists will remain unknown but we can keep their art alive forever.
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