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Antique Vintage Have a Sweet Embossed Cigar Label, Red Lion, Pa, 1900s - 1920s

Antique Vintage Have a Sweet Embossed Cigar Label, Red Lion, Pa, 1900s - 1920s

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Discover a piece of history with this remarkable antique vintage cigar label, featuring a sweet embossed design from Red Lion, Pa, dating between 1900s - 1920s. This unique and rare find is ideal for any collector with an appreciation of artistic value, investing in a piece of art with a significant cultural context. Its intricate detailing and vibrant hues are a beautiful representation of eras gone by and offer an eye-catching addition to any home. Whether you choose to proudly display this stunning item or keep it tucked away as a treasured memento, it's sure to bring a breath of nostalgia to any collection. Get your hands on this collectible before it's gone!

7 3/4" x 7 1/4" ~

This was a very popular cigar brand that started in the early 1900s. By 1930 they had 5 factories going and employed hundreds of workers in each and helped establish PA as a prominent player in tobacco growing and manufacturing. The road where the factories were located is still called "Cigar Row" This town still celebrates, last I knew, New Year's Eve by raising a large cigar at midnight. Honestly, it might take me hours to research a product especially ones with a storied history but little neat facts like these make it all worthwhile to me.

This is the company that also made "Canadian Club" and "Tebson" see in store.

This is was a very popular cigar in the early 20th Century.

Imagine hanging this over 100-year-old antique advertising on your wall as home decor in any room!

Cigar labels show you what vintage advertising is all about with the wonderful graphics that Lithography provided that modern printing just can't reproduce. This was a lost art after the 1920s unfortunately.

My pictures seriously don't do it justice. These had to be done on heavy paper stock which makes them stay vibrant and new looking for a long time.

This item has reached full antique status.

Most of these artists were very good but desperate for work during that era and got paid very little and received no recognition for their work. Unfortunately, the majority of these artists will remain unknown but we can keep their art alive forever.
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