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Rare Vintage 🚀 1980 Galactic Battleships Store Advertising Display, Unique!

Rare Vintage 🚀 1980 Galactic Battleships Store Advertising Display, Unique!

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Step back in time with this rare vintage 1980 Galactic Battleships Store Advertising Display. This unique find is a true gem for collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts alike.

Measuring at 10" x 8 3/4" ~ Slight corner wear top right on the limited supply available. Doubt if you would notice on display but please see pictures and judge for yourself. This advertising display is not only visually stunning but also possesses an intriguing secret - it's perforated! While the exact reason for these perforations remains a mystery, it adds to the allure and charm of this one-of-a-kind piece.

Transport yourself to the nostalgic world of Galactica 1980, the show that beautifully reimagined Battlestar Galactica after the phenomenal success of Star Wars in 1977.

Don't miss out on this retro-spectacular treat that is sure to be the highlight of any collection. 🚀🤩

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