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Rare Vintage Rc Royal Crown Cola Bottle Cap, International Version 1980s

Rare Vintage Rc Royal Crown Cola Bottle Cap, International Version 1980s

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Rare Vintage RC Royal Crown Cola Bottle Cap, International Version 1980s

This vintage RC Royal Crown Cola bottle cap is a rare find for collectors. Featuring the iconic image of RC Cola, this international version from the 1980s showcases the cola symbol that predates the switch to the crown cap design. A unique piece not often found in collections.

History and Origins

Discovered in an old bottling plant in Jefferson, NC in the 1990s, this bottle cap is a reminder of a company with roots in Columbus, Georgia. RC Cola was a pioneering force in the soda industry, introducing innovations such as the first canned soda, caffeine-free soda, 16-ounce soda, and popularizing Diet Cola. They were also trailblazers in marketing, inspiring taste test campaigns that would later be adopted by major competitors.

The Rise and Fall of Royal Crown Cola

Despite their innovative spirit, RC Cola faced challenges and setbacks, including trademark disputes and false claims about the health effects of their diet soda. Amidst strange ownership decisions, the company struggled to compete with industry giants like Coke and Pepsi. The legacy of RC Cola lives on, explored in detail in this article.

The Cult Following of RC Cola

While no longer a dominant player in the market, RC Cola retains a loyal following in the South and Chicago. Its association with Southern comfort, as seen in the tradition of pairing it with a Moonpie, endears it to fans seeking an alternative to mainstream sodas. The brand's enduring popularity is evident at Bears games and local pizzerias in Chicago.

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