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Rare Vintage 1970s Unimed Inc. Stock Certificate, Madison, Nj

Rare Vintage 1970s Unimed Inc. Stock Certificate, Madison, Nj

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This Rare Vintage 1970s Unimed Inc. Stock Certificate is a must-have for collectors of historical documents and stock certificates. 💉

Made in Madison, New Jersey, this certificate measures a generous 12 x 8 inches and boasts an intricate vignette that captures the spirit of the early 20th century with a stunning train in the background.

Despite its age, this certificate is in excellent condition and will make a beautiful addition to any collection. Perfect for history buffs and stock certificate collectors alike, this piece is a true gem and a testament to the rich history of our country's economy.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history with this Rare Vintage Unimed Inc. Stock Certificate from the 1970s.

This American company made 💊 medical supplies and alternative therapies in the 1960s and 1970s for hospitals and physicians. The particular details of what they made I am curious as it sounds very possibly quack pharmacy related which would make this even more valuable. They used to be called Warfield Pharmaceutical. Inc. and changed its name to Unimed, Inc.

Imagine hanging this vintage historic collectible on your wall as home decor in any room! Stock certificates are another thing that is limited in supply and once they are gone all into museums and collections, they will be hard to get. They are such historic documents with so much history behind them. The first stock certificate was issued in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company. 407 years of history later the Walt Disney Company issued one of the last paper stock certificates from a major corporation in 2013.

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