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Very Rare 1960s Vintage Peace Mobile, Handmade In Usa During Vietnam War!

Very Rare 1960s Vintage Peace Mobile, Handmade In Usa During Vietnam War!

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Rare 1960s Vintage Peace Wonder Mobile

Handmade with precision in the USA during the 1960s, this vintage Peace Wonder Mobile features iconic Peace Signs, Doves, and Moratorium symbols. The 17" x 9 3/4" package arrives fully assembled, preserving its collectible value. For those avid collectors out there, capturing a photograph of this unique piece would be greatly appreciated!

A Piece of History for Your Home

The peace sign, originating in 1958, gained popularity in the early 1960s, adorning various surfaces across the States. Handcrafted by Wonder Mobile in the USA during this era, these mobiles are now highly sought-after and exceptionally rare. Imagine the elegance and nostalgia it would bring to any room in your home!

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