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Vintage 1960s 🐝 R. H. Shumway Aster Seed Packet, Rockford, IL, Pioneer of Seeds!

Vintage 1960s 🐝 R. H. Shumway Aster Seed Packet, Rockford, IL, Pioneer of Seeds!

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Up for sale is a vintage 1960s R. H. Shumway Aster Seed Packet from Rockford, IL. This rare piece of American history celebrates the iconic brand that revolutionized the seed industry. Roland H. Shumway, the pioneer seedsman behind this mail-order seed company, established a name synonymous with quality and reliability.

Measuring at 5 x 3 1/2 inches, this beautifully designed empty aster seed packet captures the essence of the 1960s-1970s era. With vibrant colors and intricate illustrations, it exemplifies the attention to detail that R. H. Shumway was known for.

Founded in Rockford, IL, R. H. Shumway quickly grew to become the largest seed company in the world during its heyday. The Pioneer Seedsman, as Roland H. Shumway came to be known, propelled his mail order seed company to new heights, with over 200,000 catalogs delivered annually in the early 20th century. Such unparalleled success catapulted the brand far above its competitors.

Owning this vintage R. H. Shumway Aster Seed Packet is like owning a piece of horticultural heritage. Whether you're a collector, a history enthusiast, or a lover of vintage Americana, this is an item that will surely add charm and character to your collection.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a slice of botanical history. This vintage 1960s R. H. Shumway Aster Seed Packet is a true gem that will captivate both nostalgia seekers and seed enthusiasts alike.

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