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Vintage 1980s First Release Diet Mountain Dew Bottle Cap, So Cool!

Vintage 1980s First Release Diet Mountain Dew Bottle Cap, So Cool!

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Introducing an absolute gem for all vintage enthusiasts out there! Behold the Vintage 1980s First Release Diet Mountain Dew Bottle Cap - the ultimate piece of nostalgia that will leave you feeling cool and inspired.

This die-hard classic was one of the very first bottle caps of Mountain Dew's popular diet soda in the late 80s. Its design showcases a bold font and colors that are sure to take you back in time, reminding you of the good old days when life was simpler and everything seemed possible.

Whether you're a collector, lover of all things retro, or just someone looking to upgrade your collection, this vintage bottle cap will undoubtedly add some serious flair to your collection. It's guaranteed to make a statement among other collectibles, and it's the perfect accessory to adorn your coffee table or bar.

So why wait? Add this iconic symbol of culture and history to your collection today and relive those sweet memories of the past.

Mountain Dew was first made in the 1940s as a mixer for whiskey leading to its name. Mountain Dew was originally a slang term for whiskey mostly moonshine that started in the 1800s until it was trademarked in the 1948 for this unique soda.

These were found in an old bottling plant in Jefferson, NC in the 1990s unused stock from the release of Diet Dew in 1986.
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Never arrived. Not sure if it will


Love the vintage bottle caps. Thank you!


Very excited about this purchase, it looks great in my collection! I also appreciate the bonus vintage beer label and tobacco coupon, those are so cool. Highly recommend buying from this store

This makes us so happy, so glad you loved them! We can't wait to see you again. 🤗