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Vintage 1994 🏈 CFL Maryland Terps Temporary Tattoos, College Big Ten Memorabilia!

Vintage 1994 🏈 CFL Maryland Terps Temporary Tattoos, College Big Ten Memorabilia!

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For all the die-hard Maryland Terrapins fans and collectors out there, we present to you the Vintage 1994 CFL Maryland Terps Temporary Tattoos! This unique piece of College Big Ten Memorabilia is a must-have for any true enthusiast.

The package holds these vintage tattoos, untouched and preserved since 1994. Measuring 5 1/2 x 4 1/2, it encapsulates the nostalgic essence of a bygone era in the CFL. While we have refrained from opening one to provide specific details or pictures, the limited nature of these tattoos enhances their allure.

As you proudly display these vintage tattoos, you'll be reminded of the rich history of the Terrapins. Will this be the year they triumph and win it all? Only time will tell, but your support never wavers. And what better way to showcase your dedication than by donning these relics?

Not only do these original CFL licensed vintage items hold immense collectible value, but they are also incredibly cool to wear. After all, football is America's largest sport, and its popularity shows no sign of fading away any time soon.

Join the ranks of passionate fans who appreciate the traditions of the game and preserve this piece of Maryland Terrapins history. Whether you're a collector aiming to complete your memorabilia collection or simply a fan looking to demonstrate your unwavering loyalty, these Vintage 1994 CFL Maryland Terps Temporary Tattoos are the perfect addition to your treasured possessions.

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