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Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Buffalo Bills, It's Football Season!!!

Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Buffalo Bills, It's Football Season!!!

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Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Buffalo Bills

Are you ready to show your team spirit with these vintage 1997 NFL fingernail tattoos featuring the Buffalo Bills? The package size is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", perfect for any football fan looking to rock some retro flair. These fingernail-sized tattoos are a fun way to support your team during football season.

These original NFL licensed vintage items are not only collectible but also a unique accessory to wear. Football is a beloved sport in the USA, and these nostalgic tattoos are a must-have for any fan.

I managed to save these rare finds from Florida, ensuring they didn't get lost to time. There were only 12 different teams featured on these promotional items back in 1997, and only 5 of them are currently available on the market.

Show your team pride by grabbing these vintage Buffalo Bills tattoos and stand out during game days. Whether you wear them on your forehead or elsewhere, these tattoos are sure to be a conversation starter. Let's gear up for an exciting football season!

Go Bills!

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