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Vintage Hello Kitty Cotton Cloth Napkin Handkerchief Yellow 1980s

Vintage Hello Kitty Cotton Cloth Napkin Handkerchief Yellow 1980s

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Vintage Hello Kitty Cotton Cloth Napkin Handkerchief Made By Sanrio 1980s

11 1/4" ~

Besides the one, I photographed these have never been opened by human hands.

These are absolutely adorable! My daughter squealed in delight when she saw these so obviously Hello Kitty is still quite popular. These are 100% Cotton and bright and beautiful!

These were in original packaging bundled with other colors. I would never usually open them but I had no idea what we were dealing with for material and quality and wanted to get you all proper pictures.

Mariah Carey most notably and other celebrities wore Hello Kitty as a fashion statement in the 1990s and Hello Kitty exploded and has seen to increase in popularity ever since.

Hello Kitty turns 50 years old on November 1st, 2024 along with her twin sister Mimmy.

She is a Japanese Bobtail Cat and has been in 3rd grade her whole life living right outside of London. I wish I could have stayed in 3rd grade for that long! Just imagine I could be fingerpainting and playing with Play-Doh daily.

UNICEF has awarded Hello Kitty the exclusive title of UNICEF Special Friend of Children.

This series is still going strong today. Since I now am a Hello Kitty expert 🤪 please note fans a new major movie release is scheduled. It was delayed by Covid but New Line Cinema has recently hired the directors and scriptwriters so stay tuned! This will make this collectible worth even more and hard to come by as it is going to ignite another phase of huge demand. There is so much history to this piece I could keep giving you information for days.

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