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Vintage Old Mission Crate Label, Redbanks & Woodlake, Ca, 1960s

Vintage Old Mission Crate Label, Redbanks & Woodlake, Ca, 1960s

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Vintage Old Mission Crate Label made by Redbanks Packing Company out of Redbanks and Woodlake, California, 1960s

12" x 4" ~

The majority of crate labels were stopped during WWII because of the war effort and conserving supplies. Most companies didn't start using them again and switched to cardboard boxes after the war. So this is unique as it's the most recent version and survived the war I guess you could say. I have seen others list this particular label age a little differently sometimes. The way you can tell the age is the company went through several minor name changes and the last one was in 1966 when it was changed to Redbanks Packing Company. Just for your info until I get the other versions unpacked and listed. This company was called Redbanks Orchard Company before 1937. The name was changed to Redbanks Fruit Company during the Great Depression in 1937 when they were forced to sell. This name stayed the same until they sold it to the Griffith Brothers in 1966.

This is actually a pretty unique company as they started in Redbanks in 1903 and realized quite quickly that this area was very special for growing fruit. The big boon in agriculture in California came when the Aqueduct was built to bring water about a decade after this company was well established. They had deep wells using electricity to pump water from over 75' deep and later pumped from the Wutchumna Ditch. The other thing that separated the area from others is fruit would ripen there faster than anywhere else. Their fruits sold at a premium all over because Redbanks peaches were the earliest in the nation and their other fruit was earliest outside Imperial County giving them a distinct advantage.

A very well written and more detailed history of this American iconic company can be found here

These have some very slight edge wear see pictures and video. You never would see it in a frame but please judge for yourself.

Imagine this amazing vintage advertising hanging as home decor in any room!
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