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Vintage Mountain Dew Bottle Cap, Awesome Moonshiner, Hillbilly, Philadelphia, Pa 1990s

Vintage Mountain Dew Bottle Cap, Awesome Moonshiner, Hillbilly, Philadelphia, Pa 1990s

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Discover Vintage Mountain Dew Bottle Caps

Are you a collector of unique memorabilia? This vintage Mountain Dew bottle cap from the 1990s is a rare find indeed. Originally intended for Mountain Dew Dewshine, these caps were discovered before the soda was even released!

This particular cap was bottled by Crown Holding, an American icon in the beverage industry. With roots dating back to 1892, Crown Holding now produces a significant portion of cans for both beverages and food worldwide.

Not only does this bottle cap carry historical significance, but it also presents an opportunity to own a piece of American manufacturing history.

Don't miss out on adding this unique collectible to your collection. Get yours today!

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Love the vintage bottle caps. Thank you!


Exactly as described. Packaged safe for shipping and shipping was fast!

Thank you for your ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review! We're so happy to hear that you received your Vintage Mountain Dew Bottle Cap safely and quickly. Thank you for choosing our product and for being a satisfied customer. Looking forward to more happy purchases in the future!


Thank you so very much

Hello Elaine! Thank you for the amazing 5-star review! We're so delighted to hear that you loved the Vintage Mountain Dew Bottle Cap. Your constant support is what keeps the antique spirit going. Don't stop spreading the love for all things vintage! .

Rick Stanford

have not received this item

So instead of contacting us you figured your best option was to leave a 1 star review and not respond to messages? It has only been a week also but still we guarantee your happiness 100% as our customers and reviews can attest. Since my ESP is on the fritz and you didn't contact us I had no clue you were having issues. Sort of makes it hard to do customer service this way. Sure makes it easy for me to say you will never buy anything from us again though as I have to protect my business with Etsy's requirements. No Soup for You!


Just what was expected, will order again.

Unfortunately, because of Etsy requirements to maintain a 5 star rating and your lack of response to messages or emails you will have to order from someone else. Which is unforutate as I am on of the top 3 bottle cap collectors in the world and only have a fraction listed. We guarantee your happiness 100% but can't help if you don't let us establish a relationship nor respond.