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Rare Antique Columbus Indianapolis Central Bee Line Railroad Stock Certificate 1865

Rare Antique Columbus Indianapolis Central Bee Line Railroad Stock Certificate 1865

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Rare Antique Columbus Indianapolis Central Bee Line Railroad Stock Certificate 1865

This rare antique stock certificate from 1865 commemorates the consolidation of the Columbus and Indianapolis Railroad Company and the Indiana Central Railway Company, forming the Columbus and Indianapolis Central Railway Company. This historic railway later became part of the Iconic Pennsylvania Railroad. ## History Behind the Certificate

Unveil an intriguing narrative as the Hoosier Partisans clashed with the Cleveland Clique over the combination of the Bellefontaine and Indiana Railroad with the Columbus and Indianapolis Railroad. The conflict raged until 1860 when John Brady, receiver for the Columbus, Piqua, and Indiana Railroad, demanded that the IP&C honor its through-line agreement. This breakthrough delayed consolidation, ultimately leading to the completion of the Bee Line Railway in 1863 after the Civil War exposed inefficiencies in disjointed short line railroads. Find further information on this fascinating history on the [Indiana Historical Bureau blog]( ## Unveiling a Valuable Collectible

This hard-to-find stock certificate is a treasure for any collector. With dimensions of 10 1/4" x 6" and close-cut borders on three sides, it has some slight age discoloration near the vignette, adding to its historic charm. ## Rare Antiquity

Immerse yourself in the rich history of this unique piece, which has reached full antique status. These historic documents carry immense value, as illustrated by the Dutch East India Company issuing the first stock certificate in 1606. Own a piece of history with this meticulously crafted stock certificate, produced on heavy, durable paper akin to currency notes. ## Signature Significance

One of the hallmarks of these certificates is their myriad signatures. Typically signed by the company President and Secretary, these unique autographs often hold historical significance. With each signature carrying a story of its own, collectors find added value and provenance in deciphering the signatories' identities. # Antique Vintage Stock and Bond Certificates Collection

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