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Rare Vintage Cloverine Aspirin Tin, Tyrone, Pa 1940s

Rare Vintage Cloverine Aspirin Tin, Tyrone, Pa 1940s

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Rare Vintage Cloverine Aspirin Tin, Tyrone, Pennsylvania 1940s

2 1/4" x 1 1/4" ~

In 1895, George C. Wilson Sr. founded the Wilson Chemical Company making a salve his father used to make on the kitchen stove. He was an innovator in his field and was one of the first advertisers to use ads in small-town newspapers and comic books. They also took great care of their salesforce which reached upwards of 300,000 whom 60% consisted of children between the ages of 8-14 years old. In 1919 they built a gigantic castle-like structure next to the Tyrone Train station with a huge Cloverine Can that 1000's gawked at until the property was sold in 1970.

We bought most of the remaining supply of this find in 2008. They were uncommon then and now you hardly ever see them. Most of the ones out there are the round version. Definitely grab one now while you can at these prices as these tins are adorable and very popular. Old medicine tins are such a neat piece of American history and they make great decor in any room!

This piece is within 20 years of full antique status.
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