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Very Rare 1950s Vintage Blacklight Wonder Mobile Horses, Horseshoes

Very Rare 1950s Vintage Blacklight Wonder Mobile Horses, Horseshoes

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Very Rare Vintage Blacklight Wonder Mobile Horses, Horseshoes 1950s

12" x 5 1/2" Package

These are very highly collectible and really rare now. Imagine hanging this vintage mobile in your home as decor in any room.

These are even neater than I thought as I have confirmed they indeed are the 1950s and Wonder Mobile was an American company which I didn't know. This makes this really unique as the blacklight wasn't used much until the 1960s even though the technology had been around since the early part of the century. So they were ahead of the fad and obviously were quite successful as they were able to move their manufacturing to the USA sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

I have not taken them out of the package and strung them up. When someone buys one and does hang it up we would love to see pictures!

After WWII many dime-store collectibles were produced in Japan and imported here as part of General Douglas MacArthur's rebuilding plan where he dismantled the zaibatsu which were large Japanese business conglomerates. This allowed the economy and small businesses in Stage Two of his plan to flourish with the help of the Korean War stimulating the need for goods.
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